Raspberries’ distinct flavour is delicious simply served with cream. Raspberries can be quite tart and so complement sweet desserts, including summer pudding.

Picking your own raspberries means you can stock up greater quantities, for jam-making or freezing.

Raspberries are excellent for freezing as they hold their flavour and shape well after defrosting.


The varieties that we grow on the farm have differing fruiting seasons, to ensure the fruit is available for as long as possible.
  • Tulameen (mid-season) – a popular fruit
  • Tadmor (mid-late season)
  • Octavia (late season) – a firm fruit which keeps well

Top tips

  • Unless you are picking for jam, we recommend small, shallow containers to ensure the raspberries don’t squash.
  • A raspberry is ripe when you can pull the berry off of its ‘plug’ easily.
  • To ensure you can enjoy the best quality fruit, check out our advice on picking and storage.

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