What a season!

Strawberry picking during COVID pandemic

The fields are now closed for the year after a season quite unlike any since the family moved here 80 years ago. You’ve been brilliant at showing up, keeping to your bubbles, and picking those fields clean.

 A farm regular celebrating her birthday by picking strawberries.

The farm shop remains open all year round, with a selection of staples: local potatoes, free range eggs, and freshly frozen fruit.

The sweetcorn will be ready approximately mid-August, picked fresh daily for the farm shop.

The farm shop also stocks well-seasoned firewood from our sister company One Man and His Log.

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Fruit season highlights

This season has certainly kept us on our toes! Here’s some highlights (*= that we know of):

  • 354 handmade masks sold, raising £1,364 for St Helena’s Hospice
  • 6 families’ first time out since lockdown
  • space made for 160 NHS staff and their families
  • shortest season for 7 years (shortest ever was back in Granddad Charlie’s day, was just 10 days long, eek)
  • over 1,000 attended oldie hour
  • 8 birthdays celebrated on the farm*
  • 6 strawberry outfits spotted
  • 28 children’s first ever strawberry picking*
  • tallest sunflower we’ve ever grown (10′ tall) and another with the most heads on one stem (20)
  • customer travelled the furthest came from the Isle of Wight*
  • most picked in one day by a customer was 36kg redcurrants
  • oldest customer was 96 years old
  • 146 5-star reviews received, out of 154 total. Whoop!

Massive thanks to everyone for supporting us this season.

Enjoy the rest of your summer. Wishing you a healthy rest of the year.

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