Fresh summer fruit is delicious eaten with just a little sugar and cream – but why stop there? Here are some of our favourite recipes for ways to make the most of the British summer crops.

Most of the recipes have been tried and tested here in the farmhouse kitchen. Some have been shared by local foodies and eateries. All are super delicious!

We don’t have much free time for baking and jam-making whilst the season is on, so we use our freshly frozen fruit. Frozen fruit is brilliant for baking, smoothies, and jam. Much more delicious and nutrient-rich than out-of-season fruit flown in from far away. So stock up your freezers! Or visit our farm shop, open all year round stocked with our freshly frozen fruit.

Note that we’ve included recipes for broad beans. Yup, not a fruit, but still delicious and grown on our farm! 

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