What's Picking?

The 2024 summer fruit season has started!

Check here for the most up-to-date info so you don't miss a berry.

What's picking now


This pickometer tells you which fruit is ready today and how easy it is to pick.

One tick = you need to look under the leaves to find the fruit; five ticks = very easy picking.

The pickometer can change daily. We recommend you check on the morning that you plan to visit.

fruit picking calendar

The fruit seasons can vary by a week or two each year. For the most up to date info, sign up to our newsletter and check the pickometer above.
CropSeason startFinish
StrawberriesLate MayLate July
GooseberriesEarly JuneLate June
Broad beansEarly JuneLate July
RedcurrantsLate JuneLate July
BlackcurrantsLate JuneLate July
RaspberriesEarly JulyEarly August
Dessert gooseberriesEarly JulyMid July
SweetcornLate AugustSeptember

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